Frozzy's Frozen Yogurt - Strawberry Flavour x4 85g

Frozzy's Frozen Yogurt - Strawberry Flavour x4 85g

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Product Information

Features And Benefits:
Rich in the essential vitamins, minerals and fibre dogs need to:
aid teeth and bone development
maintain a healthy skin and coat
aid digestive health and general well-being
support energy levels and immunity
Lickable – straight from the tub!
Cooling and soothing – a healthy and refreshing treat after walks or training.
Lactose free – gentle on a dogs sensitive digestive system.
Low-calorie – assisting with healthy weight management.
A tasty teething aid – can reduce swollen and inflamed gums, whilst offering something tasty for puppy to chew on.
Highly palatable – can be defrosted and poured over kibble to entice fussy eaters.
Suitable for all dogs and puppies

Nutritional Benefits In Detail:

All Frozzys flavours contain the following nutritionally beneficial ingredients:

Helps energy metabolism and maintenance of skin, nerves and hair.

Vitamin A:
Necessary for reproduction, normal skeletal and tooth development, vision, immunity and tissue integrity.

Vitamin B1:
Required for metabolising protein and carbohydrates, also helps maintain a normal nervous system.

Vitamin B2:
Aids in tissue repair and necessary for healthy function of the nervous system, energy utilisation, healthy skin and coat.

Vitamin B6 & B12:
Required for the formation of red blood cells.

Pantothenic Acid:
Necessary for normal intestinal function, growth and coat colour.

Vitamin K1:
Aids digestion of coumarinbased compounds.